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Recommended chemicals for clean out and disease outbreak

ManChem formulates and produces a wide range of chemicals for the poultry industry.

Recommended outbreak control chemicals from Manchem elevate the standards of poultry hygiene as a premier manufacturer with an extensive range of chemicals dedicated to the poultry industry. These chemicals are handpicked for their demonstrated effectiveness in meeting the most stringent hygiene standards, ensuring targeted programs are met with success. If you’re in search of a comprehensive selection of poultry chemicals, complete with the latest innovations, we encourage you to reach out to us without hesitation.

Our cleanout programmes are thoughtfully organized into three distinct categories, each tailored to cater to the specific needs of the poultry industry. Whether your primary focus is on disease outbreak prevention or the maintenance of pristine cleanliness, Manchem has the ideal solutions to meet your requirements. Rest assured, you can trust Manchem for all your poultry chemical needs.

By incorporating Manchem’s recommended outbreak control chemicals into your poultry hygiene regimen, you’re not only ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness but also fortifying your biosecurity measures. Our dedication to producing top-quality chemicals reflects our commitment to the health and well-being of your poultry, in addition to safeguarding the quality and safety of poultry products. Don’t hesitate to explore the manifold benefits of our products by reaching out to us and experiencing the difference that Manchem can make in your poultry operations.

Programme 1

Standard Programme:

Normal conditions:


Entrance Gate/Vehicle/ EquipmentStabisan or Stabisan VC
ShowerShower Gel
Drinker LinesTrihidro
WashingUltracide or OPTIMAX WG
DisinfectionBIOFECT CONC
GroundsUltrsept Plus
Final DisinfectionFinal Fog
Farm Clothing/TowelsMicromatic

Alternative / Rotation:


Entrance Gate/Vehicle/ EquipmentStabisan
Boot WashStabisan
ShowerShower Gel
Drinker LinesTrihidro
DisinfectionBIOFECT CONC
GroundsUltrsept Plus
Final DisinfectionFinal Fog
Farm Clothing/TowelsMicromatic

Programme 2

High alert:

Medium to High Alert Conditions: Challenge in the area/Potential cross contamination.

Entrance Gate/Vehicle/ EquipmentStabisan VC or BIOFECT CONC
Hand DisinfectionHandsan and T.H.S.
Drinker LinesTrihidro
Disinfection 1st ApplicationOutbreak Conc or Biofect conc (1:300)
                      2nd ApplicationTrihidro Foam or Farmguard
GroundsUltrasept Plus
Final DisinfectionFinal Fog
ShowerShower Gel
Boot Wash Outside HouseBIOFECT CONC
Boot Wash Inside HouseViroguard or Stabisan
Farm Clothing / TowelsMicromatic

Programme 3

Very high:

Isolation: Very High Alert. Quarantine.

Entrance Gate/Vehicle/ EquipmentBIOFECT CONC (1:300)
Cab/ Car InertiaCab Aerosol
Cargo Bay/Tool Box/Tools/EquipmentBiofect Aerosol
Walkways, Driveways and GroundsViroguard
Shower, Body and HairShower Gel
Boot Wash Outside HouseBIOFECT CONC (1:250)
Boot Wash Inside House (Boot Change)STABISAN (1:50)
WashUltracide/Optimax/EXcell (1:50)
Disinfect 1st ApplicationBIOFECT CONC (1:250)
                 2nd ApplicationTrihidro Foam (1:50)
Final DisinfectionFinal Fog or Viroguard
Farm Clothing / Towels etc.Micromatic


  • The above programmes are broad recommendations. The recommended chemical could/will change depending on the type and condition of the poultry house and the challenges on the farm and in the area.
  • We recommend that an audit is carry out on the farm to ascertain and design the correct programmes.
  • All our programmes are continuously monitored to insure that the best possible hygiene scores are achieved on the farms.