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Manchem offers an extensive janitorial product range that caters to a wide spectrum of cleaning needs, including dishwashing liquid, hand and body wash, and medical hand wash for healthcare facilities. These solutions prioritize cleanliness, safety, and skin health, making them ideal choices for a broad array of applications. This comprehensive range goes beyond conventional cleaning, offering solutions for both personal hygiene and industrial sanitation. At the heart of this collection is a groundbreaking innovation: non-pathogenic bacteria meticulously selected for their remarkable ability to break down organic material found in drains, slurry dams, septic tanks and grease traps.

Simultaneously, Manchem’s commitment to environmental sustainability is exemplified by the inclusion of non-pathogenic bacteria in its janitorial range. These natural organisms aid in the decomposition of organic matter, reducing the risk of clogs and odours in plumbing and waste management systems. This eco-conscious approach aligns with the company’s dedication to responsible cleaning practices.

In an era marked by growing awareness of health and environmental concerns, Manchem’s janitorial range stands as a versatile, eco-friendly and reliable choice for maintaining personal hygiene and addressing organic waste in diverse settings, from homes to industrial facilities. It represents a significant step toward a cleaner, safer and more environmentally conscious future.


Better Hand Dishwashing Liquid


Bodyguard Hand and Body Wash


Bohlisa Digester


M-BAC Multipurpose Digester

Medical Hand Soap

Medical Hand Soap for Healthcare Facilities