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GLD-13 is a strong clinging gel degreaser that provides 100% surface contact. GLD-13 has a penetrating effect cutting through caramelized, carbonized and baked-on soils which makes it effective to use in the poultry industry.
When used with a knapsack sprayer, the spray action ensures that the GLD-13 gel covers all areas efficiently while ensuring that the gel penetrates the protein soils.
The gel forms a key part of the chemical formulation to guarantee maximum contact time with the surface.
Broiler Feeder Pan Protein Build Up


Layer Feeder Tray
Protein Build Up

GLD-13 Applied

GLD-13 Applied

Broiler Feeder Pan After GLD-13 Applied


Broiler Feeder Pan Protein Build Up


Broiler Feeder Pan
Protein Build Up

Broiler Feeder Pan After GLD-13 Applied


Case Study


A trial was conducted for our client on a commercial layer chicken house. The client had a problem with protein build-up on the feeder trays and the egg packing trays. The normal washing process the client used was ineffective and the protein build-up did not wash off with a normal detergent application. After consulting with the client it was decided that GLD-13 should be tried to assist the client with the protein build-up.

The trial’s aim being to reduce the amount of time spent on physically scrubbing the protein off with a paint scraper and steel wool, usually 2 to 3 days, by using a chemical application instead.


The Method Used to Wash the Egg Packing Trays

  1. The trays were washed with clean water using a high-pressure system.
  2. The GLD-13 was applied, neat, using a 16-litre knapsack sprayer. The spray action is key to ensure that the GLD-13 covers all surface areas.
  3. The knapsack sprayer was pumped, until the correct pressure was reached, to ensure the GLD-13 formed a foamy gel.
  4. All areas with a protein build-up, inside the feeder trays, were covered with the GLD-13 foamy gel.
  5. The GLD-13 was left for 45 minutes. This ensures that the chemicals have enough contact time to penetrate and soften the soils.
  6. After 45 minutes a high-pressure washer, with clean water, was used to clean the surfaces.
  7. As the GLD-13 causes the protein skins to loosen, after only one high-pressure spray application, the soaked protein was easily removed.



  1. The GLD-13 worked successfully against the protein build-up, saving the client a lot of time.
  2. GLD-13 is effective against compacted protein/soils that are difficult to wash off. The formulation gives the product the maximized contact time to effectively loosen the compacted protein, especially in the poultry sector.

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