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Ask Manchem to design, test and optimize your biocides as well as formulate your poultry biosecurity products

Manchem specializes in the design, testing and optimization of biocides for Broiler, Layer and Hatchery poultry farming

Apart from designing, testing and optimization of biocides Manchem also formulates and deformulates industrial products

Welcome to Manchem South Africa

Manchem is an independent company specializing in biosecurity consulting and the manufacturing of chemicals.

The Manchem team of experts incorporates a formulation chemist, biochemist, forensic chemist, microbiologist and chemical engineer specializing in the design, testing and optimization of biocides as well as the formulation of chemical products.

In short, Manchem is ‘Simply Science’!

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Recommended chemicals for clean out and disease outbreak

Manchem formulates and produces a wide range of chemicals for the poultry industry. The chemicals listed are suggested because they have proven to achieve a high hygiene standard for the programmes. The cleanout programmes have been divided into three categories.

There is no cure, only prevention, in combating Aspergillus

What is Aspergillus? (commonly called “Aspi”)

Aspergillus, a commonly found fungus, is prevalent in the chicken industry and can act as a pathogenic organism. Aspergillus Fumigatus, in particular, stands out as a primary respiratory pathogen within this sector, typically making its presence known in hatcheries and chicken houses. Left uncontrolled, it can lead to substantial mortality rates and substantial financial losses for farmers.

The fungus known as Aspergillus Fumigatus is commonly found in natural environments that offer the right conditions for its growth. It can be detected in various settings, including the air, grass (such as hay), among wild birds, and within materials employed as bedding litter. This fungus is recognized for its rapid and vigorous reproduction in organic substances, resulting in the generation of copious spores known as conidia. These spores are easily disseminated by the wind or carried by soil particles. When inhaled by both chickens and humans, these spores can settle in the respiratory tract, where they thrive and give rise to the development of aspergillosis. This ailment can lead to substantial mortality rates among young chicks and adversely affect the immune systems of mature birds.

Hatchery Biosecurity

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Effective Approaches to Combat Avian Influenza

What is Avian Influenza? (commonly called “Bird Flu”)

Avian Influenza is a highly contagious disease caused by Influenza type A viruses. These viruses, enveloped and primarily spread by migrating water birds, have a profound impact, leading to significant mortality rates among poultry populations. However, the threat posed by Avian Influenza goes beyond birds, as it is a zoonotic disease, meaning it can be transmitted between animals and humans.

This potential for interspecies transmission raises public health concerns and underscores the importance of implementing effective control measures. Moreover, aside from its health implications, Avian Influenza inflicts substantial economic damage. The virus’s ability to spread through various means, including aerosols, inanimate objects, feathers, and faeces, has resulted in its rapid transmission across regions. Recognizing these diverse transmission pathways is crucial in curbing its impact, as each mode demands specific intervention.

To combat the spread of Avian Influenza, Manchem stands at the forefront of biosecurity efforts. As a key player, Manchem leverages its innovative solutions and expertise to address the pressing need for effective control measures.

Avian Influenza: A Looming Threat and Mitigation Strategies

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