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Manchem specializes in a diverse range of biosecurity products which include disinfectants, detergents, janitorials, hygiene, and fleet & vehicle maintenance. Manchem’s disinfectants are trusted for their effectiveness in protecting against pathogens and viruses, while its detergents ensure thorough cleaning. Also offering janitorial supplies to maintain cleanliness and its hygiene solutions to promote personal and public health. Additionally, its fleet and vehicle maintenance products are essential for keeping transportation assets in top condition, serving industries such as logistics and commercial fleets. Manchem’s products reflect its dedication to delivering quality solutions tailored to the unique needs of various industries, promoting safer and healthier environments.

Disinfectants (11)

Stabisan Disinfectant

Detergents (7)

U-29 Industrial General Purpose Cleaner

Janitorials (5)

Medical Hand Soap

Hygiene (3)

Tea Tree Hand Soap

Fleet & Vehicles (1)

Autoshine Vehicle Shampoo