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Hatchery Biosecurity

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Good News for Hatcheries

There is no cure, only prevention, in combating Aspergillus.

In the battle against Aspergillus, prevention is paramount as there is no cure for the damage it inflicts. The economic repercussions of Aspergillus outbreaks in hatcheries are substantial, manifesting in various detrimental ways:

  1. Reduced Hatchability: Aspergillus increases embryo mortality, resulting in a decreased hatchability rate.
  2. Higher Chick Mortality: The presence of Aspergillus can lead to early chick mortality, sometimes accounting for as much as 20% of the affected population.
  3. Weakened Chick Viability: Aspergillus-induced immuno suppression weakens the viability of chicks, making them more susceptible to diseases and stress.
  4. Poor Weight Gain: Chicks exposed to Aspergillus often exhibit poor weight gain, impacting broiler production efficiency.
  5. Higher Grow-Out Mortality: Aspergillus increases the mortality rate during the grow-out phase, further denting profitability.
  6. Increased Costs: The need for disease management and the associated expenses rise significantly when dealing with Aspergillus outbreaks.
  7. Customer Confidence: Affecting not only the bottom line but also customer trust, Aspergillus outbreaks can lead to a loss of confidence in the quality of chicks produced.

To address this pressing issue, our solution centers on the effective control of Aspergillus through the innovative use of Triazolol fogging. Triazolol is a highly efficient agent for curbing fungal growth in hatcheries, resulting in a dramatic reduction in spore counts. This novel fogging approach is not only effective but also compatible with most hatchery detergents and disinfectants.

For unique fogging applications, Triazolol-F is employed, while Triazolol-L is ideal for spray applications. These tailored solutions provide an effective means to combat Aspergillus, preserving both the economic viability of hatcheries and the quality of the chicks they produce.

The process of fogging to prevent Aspergillus in a hatchery.

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