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Manchem mitigates Laterite challenges in open cast mining

Laterite soil

Laterite, a distinctive soil variety predominantly found in the region between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, presents a unique challenge in open cast mining operations. This particular soil exhibits an uncanny tenacity, clinging stubbornly to the bins of trucks. As the trucks tip their loads, the laterite soil’s grip tightens, leading to a gradual reduction in soil release with each successive dump. This vexing issue results in a cumbersome cycle of compaction, necessitating mechanical scraping to free the bins from the compacted laterite soil after a mere four loads. The impact of laterite on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of open cast mining cannot be overstated, making it imperative to find innovative solutions to mitigate these challenges.

Release Agent

Manchem has addressed this issue with an innovative solution – the development of a product designed to combat the compaction of laterite soil onto truck bins with each load. Manchem’s Lat-T-Rite is a highly effective release agent designed to counteract this sticking problem. Thanks to Lat-T-Rite, the need for frequent scraping of the trucks’ bins has been dramatically reduced from the previous requirement of every four loads to an impressive interval of every 20 hours.

Lat-T-Rite is a water-based solution, specifically engineered as a slip agent for heavy-duty industrial machinery. Its formulation is tailored to serve as a protective barrier against the stubborn adherence of heavy laterite clay soils to metal surfaces. This unique attribute transforms the transportation of clay ores, making it significantly more cost-effective by curbing the expenses associated with transporting excess weight.

Manchem’s Lat-T-Rite is a game-changer, ensuring smoother operations and a noteworthy reduction in transport costs, further solidifying Manchem’s commitment to innovative and efficient solutions.

The Advantages of Lat-T-Rite

  • It is fully biodegradable by being based on a vegetable oil feedstock.
  • It provides anti-corrosion properties on steel.
  • It is easy to apply by either a sprayer or can be brushed onto surfaces (It should be allowed to dry to a visibly dry or oily film before use).