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Dairy Biosecurity

Manchem’s expertise lies in developing, testing and refining biocides for use in dairy farming.

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Dairy Farming Biosecurity

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Dairy biosecurity is an essential framework of practices and protocols designed to protect the health and well-being of dairy cattle, as well as the quality and safety of dairy products. This multifaceted approach encompasses strategies to prevent and control the introduction and spread of diseases, both infectious and non-infectious, within dairy herds. It involves measures such as strict visitor control, animal health monitoring, biocontainment, vaccination programmes and the use of disinfectants to maintain a clean and disease-free environment.

By implementing robust dairy biosecurity measures, farmers can enhance milk production, reduce the risk of disease outbreaks and ensure the safety of the dairy products they provide to consumers. It’s a comprehensive strategy that not only safeguards the dairy industry’s economic viability but also supports public health by delivering safe and nutritious dairy products to the market.