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Teat Dip

The dye used in Manchem’s teat dip is of a food-grade quality, ensuring it won’t affect or diminish the milk’s quality.

Teat Dip

Teat Dip

Dairy cows are typically milked twice a day, ideally with a 12-hour gap. The milking process begins with washing the udders with water in the milking parlor. The milking machine is then attached to each of the four quarters, and the freshly collected milk is directed through a cooling system into the dairy’s bulk milk tank, where it awaits further processing.

To ensure the ongoing health and well-being of these diligent milk producers, a teat dip is applied post-milking. This essential teat dip goes beyond disinfection; it’s a multifaceted solution that serves multiple purposes. It contains glycerine, which not only disinfects but also provides the udder’s skin with the nourishment and moisture it needs. This preventative measure is instrumental in preventing dryness, chapping and the development of painful wounds. Furthermore, the teat dip acts as a protective shield for the milk ducts, which remain susceptible to harmful microorganisms for about an hour post-milking. This protective layer acts as a barrier, warding off potential mastitis infections and ensuring the overall well-being of these diligent milk producers.

The inclusion of eucalyptus not only provides bactericidal protection but also acts as a natural fly repellent, adding an extra layer of defense against pesky insects. What’s more, our commitment to quality is evident in the use of food-grade dye, guaranteeing that the teat dip won’t in any way compromise the purity and quality of the milk.

Post each milking cycle, the application of this essential teat dip is a seamless process, offering flexibility in its execution. Whether by immersing each teat into a dedicated cup filled with the teat dip or by utilizing a user-friendly spray unit, the procedure remains hassle-free and convenient. When evaluating Manchem’s teat dip in the market, it shines for its remarkable cost-effectiveness and outstanding affordability, ensuring that dairy farmers receive both quality and value.

Teat Dip Products

  • RED – Ready to use teat dip contains chlorhexidine
  • SUNSET YELLOW – concentrated glutaraldehyde: phosphate teat dip used at 1:4 dilution