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Manchem has achieved the prestigious distinction of being the seventh company globally to receive the Green Seal Standard GS-34 certification for its industrial degreaser


Oil spills are an inadvertent occurrence during drilling, pumping and transportation via pipeline or tanker. Oil renders surfaces slippery and unsafe which necessitates regular degreasing or cleaning. Grease and oil removal (using a degreaser) is an essential part of modern production processes and maintenance in the fields of oil production, rail roads, automotive, etc.

Due to current technical toxicological and environmental standpoints, aqueous cleaners are used more and more to replace traditional organic solvents used in metal degreasing. It’s easy to make a degreaser by taking a suitable solvent and adding a surfactant. However, with 30 years of accumulated experience in the formulation of degreasers, ManChem’s chemists’ approach is to formulate a degreaser exactly for its customer’s requirement in accordance with its corporate responsibility.

ManChem’s water based solvent detergent is an alkaline blue foaming liquid containing biodegradable solvents, grease cutters, emulsifiers and penetrants for efficient oil and grease removal. It can be mixed with water for lowest usage costs and efficiency.

ManChem’s Degreaser

Being an extremely versatile product, it can be used safely on most surfaces for removing a wide variety of oils:

  • Oil casings, drill pipes, cables/ropes, rig floors
  • Gearboxes, engines, compressors, pumps, tools
  • Containers and oil tankers

It’s easy to apply by high pressure foamers and steam cleaning equipment, or simply by hand with the aid of a cloth, mop or brush. On oil rigs and the decks of oil tankers, a broom and bucket is used.


  • IMO approved by South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA)
  • Economical – concentrated formula
  • Free rinsing
  • High foaming
  • Easily dispersed into foam from high pressure and steam cleaning equipment
  • High solvency
  • Biodegradable (Eco-responsible)