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The importance of a biosecurity program for poultry farming

Apr 2, 2020 | Poultry | 0 comments

In order to develop or to spread, any disease relies on factors from the environment, the pathogen itself and the host. Therefore prevention is always better than cure. A complete disease prevention programme includes good biosecurity, good management and a well designed vaccination programme.

Sometimes, it’s more important to analyse what is wrong with the biosecurity programme on a farm, rather than diagnosing the disease agent involved in a problem. With good attention to biosecurity, a farmer can reduce dependency on extensive testing and medication.

There are two aims to a good biosecurity programme

  1. To prevent the disease from coming onto the farm, and
  2. To stop the disease from leaving the farm.

Biosecurity encompasses everything from managing equipment, feed, any animals that might come into contact with the birds and people coming onto your farm (both visitors and staff), as well as the location chosen for the farm.

Farmers should work very closely with their consulting vet to create a good, tailor-made biosecurity plan for the farm. Vaccine programmes should also ideally be compiled according to specific farm’s requirements.

Components of a  biosecurity programme include

  • Physical security
  • Personnel security
  • Material control & accountability
  • Transport security
  • Information security
  • Program management

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