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Bohlisa Liquid

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BOHLISA LIQUID is a combination of “live” bacteria and enzymes that rapidly penetrates, digests & liquefies fats, oils, greases, cellulose, protein & starch. BOHLISA LIQUID is pathogen-free.

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A revolutionary product that combines rapid digesting bacterial spores, a specifically selected enzyme system and a unique grease-cutting surfactant all in one highly active economical product. Powerful Bacillus strains with special amylolytic enzymes will penetrate, digest and liquefy fats, oils, greases, cellulose, protein and starch. BOHLISA LIQUID is completely pathogen-free.


  • Drain Line Treatment: With its fortified enzyme activity the microbial action unclogs drains and keeps them free-flowing.
  • Automatic – Our fully computerized peristaltic pump will allow you to dose up to 4 times a day, 7 days a week
  • Manual – pour the recommended dosage into main drain line each night.