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Biosecurity for poultry layer farming

Jul 22, 2020 | Eggs

The purpose of biosecurity is to prevent contact between layers and disease-causing organisms.

Means by which Disease-causing Organisms can Enter a Layer Farm:

  1. People are the main transporters of disease-causing organisms onto a farm.
  2. Most people visiting poultry farms have had some previous contact or involvement with poultry or with people who deals with poultry.
  3. It is most important not to allow visitors into poultry houses before they had gone through a shower and changed into clean clothes and shoes.
  4. Wild birds are carriers of viruses that cause Newcastle disease, IB (Infectious Bronchitis), Coryza and MG (Mycoplasma Gallisepticum) and MS (Mycoplasma Synovia). It is indeed not easy to keep wild birds out of laying houses but one should apply all possible means to achieve this. Nesting of wild birds on rafters and roof beams should not be tolerated.
  5. Feed wastage at feed bins is especially bad and wild birds get to know feeding spots.
    Rats and mice are carriers of a bacterium know as Salmonellae Enteritidis and eggs that are contaminated with these organisms are not allowed to be marketed. These organisms are difficult to control and cause diarrhoea in humans.

The Role of Sanitary Conditions in a Biosecurity Programme:

  1. Sanitary conditions: This means cleanliness and the removal of waste, dust and material such as fats and oils in all working areas. These materials provide protection to bacteria and viruses, for example the Newcastle Disease virus can survive for several weeks when protected against the sun and disinfectants.
  2. Disposal of dead birds. These should be disposed of in a proper manner, for example incinerated or placed in mortality pits with tight fitting lids to keep flies out. Dead birds harbour viruses and bacteria. ManChem’s M-Bac product is ideal for disposing of dead birds and also reducing odour.
  3. Control of flies is most important and should take place at their breeding sites. Wet manure provides an excellent medium for flies to breed in and every effort should be made to prevent water leaks onto manure under the cages. Fly control on a layer farm is also most important to prevent fly marks on eggs.

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