Manchem began its operations by manufacturing products for the poultry industry and has now branched out into the dairy industry.

Veterinary biosecurity is all actions undertaken to prevent the introduction of disease agents into a specific area. It’s a comprehensive approach, encompassing different means of prevention and containment. A critical element in veterinary biosecurity is biocontainment. Which is the control of disease agents already present in a particular area and works to prevent or improve specific immunity towards already present pathogens. Veterinary biosecurity may protect organisms from infectious agents or noninfectious agents such as toxins or pollutants, and can be executed in areas as large as a country or as small as a local farm. Veterinary biosecurity takes into account the epidemiological triad for disease occurrence: the individual host, the disease and the environment in contributing to disease susceptibility. It aims to improve nonspecific immunity of the host to resist the introduction of an agent, or limit the risk that an agent will be sustained in an environment at adequate levels. In the Veterinary Industries, Manchem’s wide range of products are used for:

  • Fogging in hatcheries and cleaning the houses in poultry farming
  • A teat dip for the dairy industry

Learn more about the problems in the veterinary industry and how Manchem’s products have managed to solve them with their environmentally friendly products by selecting either Diary– or  Poultry Biosecurity.