Why Poultry Disinfection is necessary?

Broiler ChickensConditions in poultry sheds turn unhygienic, permitting the multiplication of illnesses, for example, Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter, which have a direct effect on the health and food standard of the same. An efficient disinfecting program is important in every poultry bio-security program. The time of disinfection must be after de-populating / emptying the old chickens and entry of the new ones, going by the “all in all out” scheme. The main purpose of the disinfection program still is the reduction of the number of pathogens. Reducing the pathogen numbers decrease the chances of disease occurrence.

Cleanliness and sanitation play a noteworthy part in any successful disease control program for poultry production premises. The most common types of disinfectants used for poultry disinfection include:

–          Halogens
–          Alcohols
–          Oxidizers
–          Phenols
–          Aldehydes
–          QACs (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds)

Disinfection refers to destruction of pathogens, and cleansing is the evacuation of the same. A more extensive range of sterilization incorporates the use of pesticides for disposing of infection spreading vectors, decontamination/ purification, and sanitation of contaminated surfaces.

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