Scale Build Up In PipeThere are several methods for internal pipe descaling. It is essential to gain some insights on what these different types of water pipe descalers are in order for you to correctly get the ideal one that is well suited for you; based on your intended purpose. Water with a high salt or mineral content has numerous damaging effects.

It is for this reason that water descalers were made in order to reduce or eliminate the mineral content present in the water to get rid of its negative effects. However, it is important to note that there are also salt-based water softeners that contribute to this problem; therefore the ideal type is the salt free type of water softener.

One of the numerous types of descalers is the magnetic one. This involves the use of several magnets that are strategically placed in various places of a metallic water pipe. This system is said to be effective in preventing scale build-up inside the pipe; as well as soften the water. The cost of each magnet is quite expensive; and if you have a long pipe run then the required amount of investment is going to be quite huge. Because of this, only big companies are using this type.

The other type is the electric descaler that uses an electric pulse; sent through the water in order to effectively minimize or prevent scale build-up. Although this method seems effective in minimizing such build-up, the claim that it will also eliminate dissolved metals is dubious.

Reverse Osmosis is another type that is quite popular and common; mainly because this method has been used for several years already. This was first used for the purpose of desalinating sea water in order to make it potable and safe for drinking. This method is well known for providing excellent quality drinking water; that is why this is prevalent in many places today.

The electro-magnetic water descaler is another type; which is like a combination between the two other types: the electric and the magnetic. Hence, the principle behind this method is the combination of both the aforesaid two types. This is quite effective in preventing scale build-up; as well as in softening the water to some extent.

Water system descalers are not generally used in many households today because of the use of copper or plastic piping, but they are used on steel or iron pipes which are found in older homes. Filtering the incoming supply of water with a whole house filtration system will solve this problem with numerous other benefits.

Manchem’s descaler – Ultrasound – uses an inhibited acid instead of hydrochloric or sulphuric acid which makes the acid less corrosive. When using hydrochloric or sulphuric acid to remove scale, the acid still reacts on the metal resulting in using more acid because it’s used up by the reaction with the metal. The advantage of using inhibited acid is it only reacts to the scale and not the metal. It also prevents the scale from building up again.

Source: Dave Leveque