Swab Taken From Hatchery’s Blackened Roof

Swab Taken From Hatchery’s
Blackened Roof

One of our customers recently did a month long trial in their hatchery using a competitor’s generic fogging product to replace Manchem’s Triazolol F.

The customer reported that the whole roof of the hatchery became black. Upon closer examination it was found that it was covered in a black, tar substance. This resulted in an exorbitant cost in cleaning off this substance.

The distributors of the generic product are not chemists. Consequently, the generic copy of Manchem’s fogging product, Triazolol F, uses an inappropriate formulation and coupled with the improper application, is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

Temperature also plays a role in the use of the fogging product. For instance, if the temperature goes too high it decays.

There is no negative impact on the health of the incoming chicks but with a roof covered in oil, the hatchery is re-contaminated and would need to be cleaned completely.

This expensive lesson to be learned is to stick with proven, registered products which guarantee results, saving money, time and effort.